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Great Launch Party Last Night

Some shots of the official launch of an InvestaCrowd invested project, Sydney, Australia. The old and first Wrigleys chewing gum factory ever built outside of North America, converted into sustainable loft apartments. Amazing architecture in a now heritage listed building with loads of innovate and logical energy saving and space saving designs. Sales will be off the charts.

Alice Chen co-founder and general counsel (which company wouldn’t want a lawyer as a founding partner!) and Tom Kwan (dad) and Australian counsel for InvestaCrowd, enjoying some drinks and toasting the success of InvestaCrowd’s first Australian investment. Ed and Danny, from Stable properties are also looking sharp.

For all of our investors, big and small, InvestaCrowd is focused solely on:
  • The highest quality projects
  • With the best possible developer partners who know their business back the front
  • Located in Grade AAA locations
  • In Tier 1 cities
  • In the best global risked adjusted return markets = Australia, United Kingdom, USA & Singapore

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