This Seems Kind Of Crazy

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What we hear from leading investors:
  • “The eyes can’t see if the imagination is out of focus” M.T but loved by P.M
What we see from leading investors:
  • Excited about US multi-family growth and projections
  • Backing Asian co-working strategies
  • Rolling up and rolling out – Australian motel portfolio’s
Our Long/Short Pick:

This week we are both LONG and SHORT ICO (Initial Coin Offerings). Sometimes it feels a bit like trying to understand all things related to finance, macro, tech, decentralisation, tokenization, blockchain etc all at once, whilst riding a fire hose.

We continue to investigate to try and keep our fingers on the pulse, but the incredible speed and uplift in both the interest and execution of ICO’s launched around the globe istruly mind-boggling.

In the short-term we see high levels of pain coming to those investors who do not understand what those coins are meant to do or what they represent (we are sure some of the startups doing these ICO’s don’t even know themselves), but we do think the game has changed and we will see the birth of some seriously interesting and legitimate plays come along, and we will see the use of tokens/coins/crypto’s and blockchain dramatically changing the entire financial world.

There has probably never been a more interesting time in the world than right now and regardless of what you believe, it is fascinating, and we believe it is unstoppable.
Hold onto your horses/hoses.


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And Lastly…

Here we are scouting for our next Sydney project in the best possible transport available, from the air it definitely seems worthy of “one of the most expensive real estate markets on planet earth”…


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