Pen And Pencil Industries Transforming

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What we hear from leading investors:
  • I love these updates” D.V  
  • “As two interrelated and under-digitized industries, real estate tech and construction tech have both seen unprecedented levels of deal and funding activity in recent years as startups apply new technologies to formerly “pen and pencil” sectors” CB
What we see from leading investors:
  • Executing lots of deals in the UK 
  • Moving into stretch senior debt (mezz+senior combined)
  • Investing $50M into Senior debt at 13% in Perth
Our Long/Short Pick:

We see investors being LONG Spanish real estate after years of bottoming out and being out of love

Conversely, we are now SHORT NYC Apartments, after years of too much love


Recently Funded Deal:

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Nice hat – Alice Chen (GC) recently visiting one of our preferred equity development sites in Sydney

On tour with Stable Properties Danny and Ed, checking the project and seeing the progress. Project still targeting 25-30% IRR


Relevant Real Estate News:

1.Commerical rents in Madrid are now up 50% from their (decade) lows of 2013/14
2.The best here was that the unrest in the middle east would eschew countries such as Eygpt and Turkey in favour of the relative calm of Spanish vacation spots.

Relevant Real Estate Data:

InvestaCrowd is proudly a 500 portfolio company so Realtech and Proptech startups seeking funding take note 


And Lastly…

How China’s crackdown will hit Manhattan’s property market

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