Its On Like Donkey Kong

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What we hear from leading investors:
  • “Cryptocurrencies are on like donkey kong” T.M
What we see from leading investors:
  • Stockpiling cash 
  • Bullish on UK tier 1/2 cities
  • Wanting more exposure to Australian commercial projects
Our Long/Short Pick:

We are LONG London commercial, 2017 prices vs 2016, is now offering investors approx. 16% discount, making it high on the hit list for many HK/SG investors

This week we are SHORT Canada residential. The time has come for some of the hot air to leave the balloon.

Recently Funded Deal:

We have sidelined investments to get through our finance exams for our capital markets license, and we are now all set to GO

Relevant Real Estate News:

Which best describes your investment objectives – This data from our most recent member feedback poll

Relevant Real Estate Data:

Have we hit the bottom?

And Lastly…

There will be no newsletter next week, as we are on sabbatical in the desert and out of radio range and off the mobile and laptop for a week, can’t wait

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