3.9 Billion Bricks

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What we hear from leading investors:
  • “In my experience, in the real-estate business past success stories are generally not applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative new business models.” -Akira Mori, real estate developer”
What we see from leading investors:
  • Buying development sites at a current 1.8% cap rate in Sydney
  • Seeking US multi-family investments as the renter generation kicks into gear
  • Setting up proptech arms to invest in the future – JLL Sparkrealtech/
Our Long/Short Pick:

We are LONG Blockchain and all things related. The trust business is little noticed but huge. Startups deploying blockchain technology threaten to disrupt it, and much else besides

We are SHORT all countries that are stuck in the blue and behind the ball in digital evolution (“watch out section”HBR). Singapore (home base) and NZ (pinot of choice) both stand out’s

Recently Funded Deal:

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Relevant Real Estate News:

Here are 12 early stage construction Startups to watch 

Relevant Real Estate Data:

Trend 1 – Historically Low Home Ownership in the US

Trend 2 – Historically High Institutional Direct Home Ownership in the US

Trend 3 – Neighbourhood rented by the people and owned by the Big Guys

Not so relevant… but interesting

And Lastly…

Kushner, of NYC and Trump politics fame, is a key investor into Cadre, a platform similar to InvestaCrowd based out of NYC, recently they have raised in excess of $250M USD from prominent investors such as George Soros and Anderson Horowitz

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