Some Investors Willing To Pay Anything…

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What we hear from leading investors:
  • Singapore is now a focus again
  • When interest rates stay at 0%, investors are theoretically willing to pay anything for assets
  • Do you have anything going in Europe? Recent elections haven’t ended that badly
  • Short-term debt sounds perfect
What we see from leading investors:
  • Replacing banks and demanding, even more, security for senior lending positions
  • Still, investing in Hong Kong
  • Lots of window shopping and wheels spinning trying to buy the same assets everyone wants
Our Long/Short Pick:

We are LONG Sydney/Melbourne office developments. Everyone has been focusing on residential for the past few years as the market has been red hot, so….office space is now undersupplied in key locations and local councils showing a willingness to get approvals through for commercial developments to feed the demand.

1) Demand for office space grew over three and a half times the historical average in Melbourne and over five times the historical average in Brisbane.
2) Sydney and Melbourne CBDs (with vacancy rates of 6.2 per cent and 6.4 per cent respectively) continue to demonstrate strong office market performance.
3) Australia’s divergent office markets are about to be hit with a super-cycle of low supply.
Unfortunately, as climate change believers (and as we get repeated requests to fund amazing looking projects here), we are SHORT the Maldives. Whilst incredibly beautiful, most islands are barely 1M above sea level and we are racing towards that being an irreversible problem for this wonderful place …boooo humans.
Recently Funded Deal:

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Relevant Real Estate News:

Wonder if any foreigners would take this offer up in reverse ???

Relevant Real Estate Data:

Real Estate is the biggest industry on the planet and the slowest to move into technology, the tides are starting to turn.

We believe “displaced” isn’t necessarily negative, there is the potential for more jobs to be created within these industries as a byproduct or spinoff of the tech developments taking place, but still, we wouldn’t want to be a trader these days…

So the GBP at multi-decade low’s against the USD and other currencies, and London sellers reducing prices at record levels = opportunity…..

Recent Deal Flow:
  • New York Commercial Developemt-18% IRR
  • Boston Hotel Value-Add Investment- 20% IRR
  • Phoenix Multi-family Residential Repositioning – 22.6% IRR
  • Sydney Commerical Debt – 8.5% IRR

InvestaCrowd Investor Night

Last week, we joined some intelligent investors and gave them the download on key investment markets. There is still lots of capital looking for good opportunities.

And Lastly…

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