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What we hear from leading investors:
  • Growth in Data Centres
  • Growth in logistics for e-commerce websites
  • Yield + Capital Appreciation yes please
What we see from leading investors:
  • Moving out of equity and into cash
  • Debating Bitcoin and future of cryptocurrencies (we are believers)
  • Hong Kong has 30 years left, maybe we should move to Singapore
Our Long/Short Pick:

We are LONG co-working developments and the ever-growing number of brands entering the space.

We are SHORT German real estate, but not because of yield projections…rather the German building boom unearths explosive problems. Pace of new construction across the country triggers an increase in services that remove bombs.
Recently Funded Deal:

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Relevant Real Estate News:

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Relevant Real Estate Data:

Our Position on This Chart:
  • US residential still offers some good potential and we are looking at some tier 2 cities that have been unloved but ripe for growth
  • Some Canadian cities  finally implemented high taxes to deter foreign investors, but too little to late
  • Australian residential gaining bubble headlines, but still a housing shortage crisis and general sentiment is a slowdown at best, but no cliff jumping in the right locations

Year 2017 seems to mark a turning point.
PropTech has been building such mass and momentum that it will change the world.

Read More: 95 Pages Report on How Proptech Is Changing the Real Estate World

Recent Deal Flow:
  • New York Commercial Developemt-18% IRR
  • Boston Hotel Value-Add Investment- 20% IRR
  • Phoenix Multi-family Residential Repositioning – 22.6% IRR
  • Sydney Commerical Debt – 8.5% IRR
And Lastly…

The latest and greatest in “Making America Great Again”:

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