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What we hear from leading investors:
  • Aged Care and Assisted Living poised for BIG growth
  • Show me 15% yields and happy to take a look at Tier 2 cities
  • German real estate ???
What we see from leading investors:
  • Buying buildings in Sydney at icy sub 2% cap rates
  • Moving into Senior Debt and Stretch Senior Debt
  • Making mistakes and heading into JB Malaysia 
Our Long/Short Pick:

We are LONG Los Angeles, in this survey ranked No.1 for global real estate investors, one of our hometown’s, growing into a new tech hub, ridiculous weather, Hollywood and live concerts, In-N-Out, short drive to Coachella, the closest point in the US to Asia, 4th of July celebrations, just to name some of things we love about it….

We are SHORT USA bridges and infrastructure
One out of every nine bridges in the United States—a grand total of 66,503 bridges altogether—has been found to have one or more significant defects, according to a June report by Transportation for America

A report card issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers that gave the country an overall grade of D+, the federal government will need to spend $20.5 billion each year, just to keep the nation’s bridges safe.

Recently Funded Deal:

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Relevant Real Estate News:

In the new world of globalisation, the tables are turning in key markets where governments have been too slow to protect domestic buyers/investors. So the question remains can any market have it all??? + what is the appropriate stance in terms of taxes and rules for foreign buyers???  It seems some want their cake and want their cake at the right price from foreigners if they are selling, but not if they are the ones buying…

Property markets outlook remains strong as golden age fades
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Relevant Real Estate Data:

The Golden Key to Digital Wealth Management Asia – A Special Report by Daily Fintech Advisers/Thompson Reuters

Year 2017 seems to mark a turning point.
PropTech has been building such mass and momentum that it will change the world.

Read More: 95 Pages Report on How Proptech Is Changing the Real Estate World


And Lastly…

Designer prefab housing from another one of our VC portfolio companies (RevolutionPrecrafted), great looking product

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