And the 2016 results are in

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“100% of our 2016 funded projects are being successfully executed, interest is paying debt investors and equity projections are on track” -William O’Donnell, Director @ InvestaCrowd

This Edition Dec 2016, is a wrap up of our funded projects this year:


These are the project returns

$200,000 invested into a preferred equity project will return $380,880 in 24 months
$200,000 invested into a mezzanine debt project is paying $283,200 over 15 months
$200,000 invested into a senior debt project is paying $211,000 over 6 months

This is why 

We are investing in commercial real estate development projects and achieving development returns for our investors.

InvestaCrowd now has 235+ real estate companies , 425+ HNW, family offices and real estate funds and 1500+ accredited investors registered and using our platform

Key tax issues at year end for real estate investors 2016/2017 
Get the PWC report, covers most countries around the planet (you would want to invest into) 

The problems we are solving for our investor’s

Directors Cut

“Nice video, but you changed sides” – we clearly have some highly intelligent beings in our network.

We get some really interesting comments from our investor community about our blogs and videos, so we are going to list the best each month right here.

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Our video of the week
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Favourite Find 

Twist Plus One World One Adaptr, someone clearly with travelling experience, a mac, and a been there done that, has finally come up with this. Check it out on Kickstarter

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