2017 Enter The Rooster

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“In the year of the Rooster, don’t be chicken little spinning your wheels waiting for the sky to fall, just be highly selective, as quality real estate investments will hold their value and generally show much lower risk compared to commodities and equities”  Julian Kwan CEO – InvestaCrowd

This Edition Jan 2017:

Investment terms simplified

In real estate, senior debt is a loan used to buy or develop property, and is secured in a 1st registered position by the property itself. It takes first priority over any other subordinated and junior loans owed by the borrower. Senior debt is considered the lowest form of risk when investing into a real estate project (which is why it is the only position banks will ever take).  Due to structural issues in the Australian real estate market, there is a real and growing demand for senior debt lending funding from non-bank lenders, so this is a unique opportunity for investors and not available in any other developed real estate market in the world.

What else is going on?

  • We just hit the UBS Wealth Insights 2017 global outlook at MBS SG…hyper conservative
  • InvestaCrowd’s next investor event will be early Feb as we confirm the deal flow for Q1
  • InvestaCrowd Premier will be launching soon…….(for the inside track on future deals soyou will want to join this)

Interesting facts & figures 

We pulled together useful reports and articles from the real estate and tech world (you’rewelcome), if you would like to know more just reach out to the team

Currency results from 2016 are in thanks to the economist, our favourite weekly:

We went to the mountains and turned off the phones in New Zealand, we have big love for the country (best pinot on the planet), no wonder they are No.1 on the below chart:

Recent success

  • Disappearing and turning off the phones for a week in the mountains, no internet, no laptop, nothing… but nature…and pinot

Members wanting to direct the next show

“Welcome back!!!  Love this recap – comprehensive and still punchy.  Disagree with Jules on Aussie but of course I was going to say that anyway!  love the graphs that you include in the video (and maybe my blinks are too slow/long!!) but leave them on the screen for a bit longer so we can see what they are showing and telling” Allyson J.

Crowdfunding Today #14 Companies, Projects + Regulations

Video of the week

Where is the InvestaCrowd team investing their own money this year, watch to find out.


“You guys are pulling it off and I love the deal flow, this is the future, you are definitely on the right path” James H.
Thanks, we also believe that it is.

Favourite find 

Queenstown New Zealand = Wow

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