Let’s start with our recent performance

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Let’s start with our recent performance summary since that’s usually the first thing on investors’ minds:

All looking good?

This Edition March 2017:

Investment terms simplifiedIn real estate, the equity the real estate developer invests is often referred to as common equity (as well as developer equity). Common equity carries the most risk and is paid last upon the sale of a project. If the project goes to plan, common equity receives the highest return on investment but is “in the deal” for the longest period of time and most often used to secure the property at the beginning of the project before any development works can begin.
What else is going on?

We mixed it up with the biggest and brightest minds at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum in Singapore last week. Here are some photos and key slides and the message we left behind.

  1. Where do real assets sit on the risk curve (AMP Capital)

2. Problems for Singapore and Hong Kong Real Estate Investors

3. What is the difference between REITS/Direct Real Estate Investing/InvestaCrowd

4. Here is what some of the big guns of industry look like:

Interesting facts & figures 

We pulled together useful reports and articles from the real estate and tech world (you’re welcome), if you would like to know more just reach out to the team

Asian Outbound Investment (CBRE):

  • China outbound focusing on USA/UKAUS
  • Singapore outbound focusing on AUS/UK/JPN

Women Billionaires on the UP

Recent success

  • We are closing the funding on a common equity investment in Melbourne -37% IRR Target
Favourite Find 

InvestaCrowd‘s new website…

What we don’t do

We are NOT capital of last resort – companies raising funds on InvestaCrowd are looking to build long-term relationships and expand their capital base

What we really don’t do

Dear Sir, this “Funeral Home” will be located in around Jakarta area – Indonesia. We guarantee 1000% if everything is very very promising and profitable. Based on Our calculation, the total fund required is equal to US$ 6,200,000.00. The land area that We will use is quite large, construction the building, licensing, and other costs that will arise unpredictably. So, We really looking forward to run this awesome business with You. We will be waiting for Your best response. Thanks, God bless.


Everyone says they do, but usually they don’t. InvestaCrowd really has the access to impressive off-market transactions”– Michael (Family Office)

Inspirational Images from Asia

Angkor Wat, built to last, 900 years or so and counting….

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