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We are now taking reservations on a Sydney residential development, 18.5% IRR returns, 18 months, $25K min. Ask us for details

Institutional Investors 
$14 Mil Brisbane Debt
$38 Mil Sydney Debt
Ask us for details


Must Read 3 good reasons we are still investing into Sydney, and its not why you think -InvestaCrowd 
Maybe Read – Very Strong  You can do anything you like as long as you don’t cheat anyone
You won’t face this problem with crowdfunding Foreigners buying homes face state tax hike – The Straits Times


Some Unicorn’s are battling
CB Insights

85% US adults have still not used a riding app

Inspirational Images from Asia 
Planning approvals for what…??!!

Currency Comp USD vs AUD
Good timing to invest into Sydney…

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