House Price Bubbles…Or So They Say

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This is what the Wealth Think guys think I look like as a cartoon….. at least it is better than the 20+ year old images people are keeping as their Linkedin profiles, hard to recognise anyone these days in person. lol.


This Edition Oct 2016:

UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index

We love these charts, the assumption is that they can pool millions of different locations and types of buildings together (even if they are in the same city) and make a blanket call that armageddon is coming, but Vancouver has recently instigated a 15% tax on foreigns buyer residential homes, and London is suffering some Brexit fall out (but the hotel real estate market is booming due to massive influx of tourists on the cheaper pound) and Sydney continues to go up (in the right locations of course)….

What else is going on?

We will be coming to Hong Kong again early November, so join us as we speak on panels or just slam  espresso’s all day trading name cards:

  1. Digital Wealth Asia, Nov 10th, Hong Kong – Hubbis (great team there = super organized)
  2. Fintech Fiesta, Tomorrow in Singapore – by none other than one of our law firm partners RHT

Interesting facts & figures 

Recent Successful Funding Complete

  • Sydney, Australia
  • 8.25% annual interest/ interest already paying monthly, 18-month term
  • Security is 1st registered mortgage, each investor is actually registered on the mortgage
  • 55% LTV on forced liquidation value
  • min $50,000 AUD/investor
  • Borrower (guarantor) leading local developer, 2,500 properties completed, net assets 80x loan amount

If you missed it, last week we talked about investor protection and some big drop in a listed crowdfunding companies stock price.


Cooling measures are in effect, Singapore residential housing prices are taking a beating.

AUD is holding out against the USD..Bloomberg.


“Man, I wish I had more $ to invest.” Kai H. -Thanks Kai, so do we!


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