Funds Returned to Investors $

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 Funds Returned to Investors

  • Senior Debt
  • 6-month term
  • 8.25% annual interest
  • 100% of principal + interest was paid back to investors
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This Edition Feb 2017:

Investment terms simplifiedIn real estate, a WALE is the weighted average lease expiry, it is a way of measuring the average time period in which all leases in a property will expire.
What else is going on?

  1. We are now bringing our investor community investment opportunities across the entire real estate capital stack, with next week’s preferred equity project targeting 35% annual returns

Interesting facts & figures 

We pulled together useful reports and articles from the real estate and tech world (you’rewelcome), if you would like to know more just reach out to the team

Hong Kong RE vs Singapore RE

InvestaCrowd currently does not invest in Europe, so when you exclude those countries from the list, you see all our focus markets at the top of the list of least corrupt countries on planet earth, an extremely important concern for real estate investors (Transparency International)

Recent success

  • InvestaCrowd has successfully launched the updates to our deal offering rating system to give investors the ability to assess investments and make decisions more efficiently…sneak preview below:

Favourite Find .…….World Wealth Report 2016

What we don’t do

We don’t sell apartment projects with a guaranteed return for 2 years where you are left holding an apartment that may, or may not, be worth what you paid for it. Guaranteed returns on apartment sales are simply built into the sales price.


“Is this really possible? it sounds too good to be true?..” Michelle.

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