835 Reasons To Be An Entrepreneur

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After another interesting day at INSEAD bouncing ideas off of the next graduating class and discussing new venture ideas and how to scale and make money, I came to the conclusion that what’s more important and should be considered before any business plan is born – vision values and perspective on life. I don’t really have 835 reasons, but everyone blogging always thinks their “magic number” prefix to their topic will get everyone to read it……like it really makes any difference..

I think you should become an entrepreneur if you think, feel or believe some of the following (this is in no particular order):

Roller coasters are more exciting than the merry go round
You are constantly thinking that there must be a better way to do this
Not a lot surprises you these days
You stance on life is that everything changes, nothing is permanent
Chaos is comfortable
You are BIG on: can, will, should, is
You are small on: can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, isn’t
You would like to make the cover of Fortune magazine
You believe the world is rapidly evolving and no one older than you necessarily knows more about what you are doing than you do
You hate the status quo
You read the news everyday and see so many problems with the world its time to solve at least 1 of themYou want to challenge yourself and push the limits to breaking point
You can handle the plan never going to plan
You think life is short
A laptop, phone and wifi is all you need to begin
You’re solving a problem for yourself
You can’t stand your banking/corporate job
You don’t really like people telling you want to do
You are happy with high levels of risk and uncertainty
Salaries are so 2008 and ties are so 1999
You are (stupidly) optimistic
The worst that can really happen is you lose some coloured paper
You like solving puzzles
You can juggle many things
You like building things from scratch
There is no illusion about work/life balance, at the beginning there is nothing else but work
You’ve drawn inspiration from other entrepreneurs and think you have what it takes to make it happen
You can handle being paid last or not at all
You believe the more no’s you get, the closer you are to a yes
Working on a laptop in your bedroom or coffee shop is a perfectly fine office
You like proving people wrong
You want to pioneer and explore and build
You have a great network of friends and couch surfing beats the 4 seasons any day
You can’t even work out for more than a few minutes or wake up without your mind racing
You have several credit cards on back up
You wake up every day thinking today could be the greatest day of your life
Life for you is all about the journey
You like the (legitimate) hustle
You read the news everyday and see so many problems with the world its time to solve at least 1 of them.
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